Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I have been friends with Julie and Ashley since 7th grade. I truly don't know if I have found friends that are so easy to get along with since them. I worked with Ashely for about two years at Maurices. Good times. We went through so much. Ash I really am thankful for all the troubled times you helped me through. Ash is one of those friends that not a word has to be said and we know what the other one is thinking. We always laugh at the same things even when nobody else is laughing. Julie... Where to begin. I have known Julie since the 1st grade. The truth is I always wanted to be her friend. She was good friends with my friend Erin but she went to a different school. So the first day in 7th grade there was a little intimidation there. But she is so friendly. We immediately became friends. We were on a little league cheer squad together. I always think of our memories on 9th grade Dance Co and all the boys we had drama with. She is always upbeat. I remeber when she made cheer and I didn't I was devistated but like a good friend she was so nice to help me feel okay about it. I really thank you Jules. One of my favorite memories of all three of us was one summer around 8th grade. We laid out at Julie's house pretty much all day and listened to "The Boy Is Mine". I guess that was until the gross construction workers next door were checking us out. I am so glad we can still get together and just as much fun. I love you guys!


Chris and Julie said...

Oh cove, I Love you! That is so sweet of you. We have had some awesome times together. We will always have our great memories together! Thanks for being such a great friend.

britney said...

hi covie,
how are you doing just stumbbled across your blog and just wanted to say hi i honestly dont even know if you like me but i just wanted to say sorry if i ever did something to make you not like me. i was a really stupid. when people grow up and go through real trials you realise how stupid you were in high school or middle school not you but me. your husband looks nice and that is awsome that you have dancing in common, you were always a way good dancerany way i know that this is random. but i would love to hear from you
glad you are doing good