Saturday, May 23, 2009

B-Boys? OR B-Girls!

For the past two weeks Jamie and Bosch have been teaching my hip hop class with me. I want my girls to learn some breaking skills. They have been catching on very quickly. It has been great having them try new things. Jamie and Bosch have really been challenging them. Look for the future posts when me girls have crazy-mad B-girl skills. Until then...

GOOOOOOO Real Salt Lake!

The soccer season has begun. We have been having a great time going to the Real games so far this season. Luckily this game had good enough weather to "pre-game". Here is to a great season. Cheers!

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas

Jamie and I return from a wonderful trip to Las Vegas two weeks ago. It was a blast! We went down for the last competition for the studio. The first trip we took together was to Vegas. So we hold a special place for our vacations there. We stayed at the Monte Carlo. The pool was spectacular.

We went to see the Blue Man Group. I had so much fun. If you haven't seen it, I suggest you do. 
We went to the show, walked the strip and hung out with Brynn and Steve. (My besty from the studio and her husband) 

Competition Season in Review

We finished our competition season for the dance studio. All around it was a great year. We have improved so much from last year to this year. I was pleased with how well my teams and solos did this year. I have some extra awards and dancers to tell you about....

*My tap team took a high point award at 2 competitions. They also received the highest Intermediate Team scores in the whole competition. WOW!

*My lyrical dance "True Colors" received a high point award as well.
*My jazz dance "Creeps" won an award for best technique. Yeah!
*One of my soloists took queen at every competition. That is at 6 competitions. Amazing! She is adorable and her name is Bayli Bostwick.
*One of my soloists named Markie Taylor had a wonderful season too. She queened several times and took high point for her division. She so deserves this. She is wonderful! She is taller than me and that trophy is taller than her. Nuts!