Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Is It Humanly Possible To Be Allergic To Everything?

This question may be true for humans, but it is absolutely true for my dog. Phil has had allergies for her whole life. We just thought that they were seasonal and would eventually go away. Not the case. We have spent over a year trying to find out what she is allergic to. We have often been woken up to her frantically clawing at her face. It is so sad. She has been on a food diet, taken steroids, taken allergy pills, eye drops, lotions, ointments, and every mite test you can think of. We have paid over $2000.00 this past year on finding out what is wrong. So finally we get referred to a dog dermatologist. So after a sedation, allergy test and $1000.00 later... we find out she is allergic to everything. She isn't just kind of allergic... HIGHLY ALLERGIC. From everything to olives to feathers. Poor puppy. So we have to give her injections at home to help the itching. Hopefully this is the cure all. We have to pay $200.00 every six months to have them ship the medicine to our house form Arizona. And she will need this probably for the rest of her life. Who ever said kids are harder or more expensive then dogs.... you were wrong!