Friday, February 15, 2008

Dental Convention

I love going to The UDA Convention. It is a convention where the dental community can go and hear lectures, buy merchandise, and the best part... GET FREE SAMPLES! I love getting stuff for free. Including cotton candy... okay why do they have cotton candy at a dental convention? I don't know but I like it. This year we had a pediatric dentist lecture and she was amazing. I get to learn and get paid. I love listening and hearing peoples point of views. This year was a blast. Here are some pics.


The Collins Gang said...

It's so fun who you can find on these blogs! Yours is so cute! Yours inspires me to want to write in mine more often! You and your hubby are a cute couple!

Staci, Devin and our girls.... said...

Hey Covie. You guys look so happy! I'm glad we came across eachothers blogs. It's good to get back in touch. I'm glad you are teaching dance and enjoying it. My sister is a dental assistant as well. Where do you work at? That sounds like a good profession. Take Care!

Rob and Nat said...

COVIE!! I havent talked to you for so long! I am so glad I found your blog it is so good to see your pictures and read how you your doing.
Natalie "Ryan"