Saturday, November 29, 2008

Real Playoffs

So luckily Real made it to playoffs this year.  Unfortunately, we lost to the Red Bulls. Crazy game. Here are some photos of us tail gating before the big game. It was sooooooooo fun!

Parent Performance

Last week my Drill girls had a performance for their parents. I invited my friends and family as well. The girls did a good job. We had some little problems that need to be fixed. This performance is to get ready for competitions. Which start in one week. AHHHHH! I'm so sick to my stomach. It is just so difficult being on the other side of this. You want them to do so well. I never was nervous as a dancer..... but I tell you as a coach, I am nearing panic attack waters. Wish me the best!


Jamie started playing indoor soccer this year. He is doing great! I am so proud of him. He plays every Friday night at an indoor soccer league in Murray. I think he is improving every week. The first week he played he got a kick to the shin and his shin guard cut him...... I would be okay with that being his only injury this season.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


So we were able to go to Thriller again this year.... I must say I wasn't as impressed as usual. :(

Halloween Carnival

Here are some pictures from a Halloween Carnival my drill girls did in October. Love them!

Scarecrow Festival

My dance studio girls performed at The Scarecrow Festival this year. They did an amazing job. I am usually stressed out but this year I felt very prepared. They did better than ever. I am extremely pleased with my team this year!

Jamie's Trip to L.A.

Jamie went to L.A. at the first of the month to watch Real play against the Chivas. Jamie and Bosch were able to fly down for the weekend to watch the game. They had a great time. They said the fans were crazy there. He was staying at the same hotel as the players, so he and Bosch had a couple of drinks with the team. You can also check out an intense screaming photo of Jamie and Bosch on Real's blog.