Friday, August 27, 2010

Where have we been?

WOW! We have been out of the blogging zone for awhile.We have had a crazy year since our last post. So here is the last year in review for The Great Gonzos:

August 2009: Jamie's grandma passed away. We took a trip down to New Mexico for her viewing and funeral. It was the first time I met his extended family and it had been about 14 years since he had seen them as well.
September 2009: Our friends Nizel and Jonas got married.
October 2009: We went to Thriller a few times this year. We went with friends and then we also went to watch some of my dancers that were in the cast.
October 2009: Jamie celebrated his 27th birthday on Halloween. We held our annual birthday/halloween party. Dan, Bosch, Jamie and I were the Jabbawokeez.
November 2009: Jamie and I went to the So You Think You Can Dance Tour. We had a really good time. I enjoyed all the dancing.
November 2009: We watched the MLS Playoffs at the REAL stadium. It was very fun and the anticipation was killing us. They made it to the playoffs and won the championship!
December 2009: We celebrated JP'S birthday at the Canyon Inn. This was the same night I found out I was pregnant.
January 2010: Jamie and I went up to Sundance to get pictures with the Banksy artwork.
February 2010: The competition season for dance began. Every other weekend until May. It is a huge commitment.
March 2010: We found out we were having a ........BOY!!!!!
March 2010: I got my braces off..... finally. I also celebrated my 27th birthday on the 25th.
April 2010: Jamie and his best friend JP hosted a break dancing battle.
May 2010: The competiton season for the dance studio came to an end. We had our best year yet. I am very proud of all of our dancers.
June 2010: My dance studio had their year end performance and did fantastic!
June 2010: My sisters and Mom gave me an amazing baby shower.
July 2010: We have been supporting our REAL Salt Lake Soccer. We
have season tickets with a group of 10 friends. It has been tons of fun.
July 2010: We finished getting everything bought and set up for new arrival.
August 2010: Jamie did some modeling for LIFE Aveda Salon and Spa.
August 2010: We are due any day now with a baby boy. Jamie and I are so excited. We had some photos taken to remember this exciting time.