Sunday, August 2, 2009

St. George and Vegas!

Jamie and I just returned from St. George and Vegas. We went down to St. George to watch "Footloose" at the Tuachan Theater. It was amazing. We loved it! We just relaxed and got couples massages. Then we spent a couple of days in Vegas. We just hung out at the fabulous Monte Carlo pool and casino. And of course hung out on the strip. We must have looked in love because some random guy on the strip yelled "get married" at us. It was so funny!!!! I love taking trips with Jamie. We had a great time!

Real Game on the 24th

We had a blast at the Real Game on the 24th. Great soccer. Great fireworks!

Lucas Is Being Deployed... Again :(

Lucas, our great friend has been deployed again. We will miss him. We had a fun going away party for him. We had a barbeque and then went to his favorite bar. We wish you safety over there buddy!