Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Today is the Tomorrow We Worried About Yesterday

So I have always suffered from anxiety. For anyone who knows me well, you know I always had a little OCD. Everything has to be just so... and if it isn't I FREAK OUT. I alphabetize everything. I have to do all the cleaning for fear my husband won't do it just like I like it. And I also deep clean my house weekly. Yes even working two jobs, I have to scrub base boards, refold everything, and clean out my fridge. Well as time goes by I get more and more anxiety. I often find myself hanging up the phone and analyzing everything I just said. "You shouldn't have said this" or "You should have said that". I can't go to bed at night because I have to triple check I turned everything off or that I set my alarm. Which by the way I have two alarms for fear that one won't go off and I will over sleep and be late to something. Recently I have had panic attacks. Full blown chest tightening and I can't breathe. I really wonder if I am just too busy stressing or if it will just get worse as I get older. Any advice?

My Little Donut!

So my dog Phil is the one with the allergies. And while her itching has gotten better.... she has started a new habit. LICKING! She licks everything. And now she has sore spots on her tummy from licking it so much. So now we have to put a benedryl and neosporin type cream on her sores. Well as you may have guessed she licks it off. So our vet recommended a cone. Well now they have a new version that restricts them from licking or biting but doesn't impair their vision. And in comes the donut. Sad but cute. Phil is now my little donut.