Thursday, December 6, 2007

To Breathe Is To Dance

I have to write a blog about dance. So I teach an adult class on Wednesday nights and I love it. I really enjoy teaching but when I get to participate in class is the best. I love any type of dance to any type of music. I have some friends from my drill days that come pretty regularly. Katie, Becca, Brittany, and occaisonally some Jen. Chelsea came once to only be injured again. I am so sorry Chels! I really liked these girls in high school but I can now say I really love them now. I have learned so much about myself from them. Katie is always happy. She is positive and very upbeat. I am challanged by her optimism. Becca is thoughtful. She is always a great listener and I have truly been inspired by her open heart. She always gives everyone the benefit of the doubt and never judges. Brittany is strong and honest. She's never a downer even when she has had a bad day. I really look up to her. I am so glad that I have had an opportunity to get to know all of them again and for the first time really... We have all grown so much since high school. We had a photo shoot on Wednesday and here are some pictures. We will have to take more when Brittany and Jen can make it.


Katie said...

You still got it girl! Amazing!

Chris and Julie said...

Covie you are freakin amazing! I missed you last week for dinner. Will have plan something soon.

WareHouse said...

Cov-great side leap! Just be careful with the landing ;) Looks like you guys are having fun-but I still want to be invited to a get-together. Would you plan one already!?