Sunday, December 2, 2007

Brace Face

So since I work in the dental field I have many connections in the tooth business. An orthodontist that I think very highly of in his scope of practice has offerred to give our office braces for free. He feels if we have a great experience than we will refer friends and family to him. So my co-worker Jenna and I have decided to become brace-faced. I know some of you are thinking this is crazy. I am excited to go back to that akward stage of braces. This is Jenna and me.

My orthodontist growing up was terrible. After being a dental assisitant, now I know how terrible he was. So after several years of braces he told me that my teeth were as straight as they were ever going to be. He also told me that if I wanted to correct my jaw I would need reconstructive jaw surgery. This is an awful surgery that consists of them breaking your jaw and rebuilding it the way they want it to be. My face would be swollen and brusied. And to top it all off I would have my jaw wired shut and would have to drink liquids for a month. I know what your thinking... I thought that would be a great diet too. Just Kidding. My Mom didn't have enough money and probably didn't want to deal with the consequences of this surgery. I was already a very mean teenager and imagine a swollen, bruised and hungry one on top of that. So she opted not to get the surgery. I was really considering getting this done about a month ago. This was just something I have been told my whole life needed to be done. So when Dr Baugh told us about the braces, I jumped on the option of his opinion of my jaw.

After my consultation I was told I wouldn't have to get my jaw broken. I was thrilled! I just need about a year in braces. So on Decemeber 11th I am going in to get braces. I have decided to keep a blog of my teeth changing on a monthly basis. This will include pictures as well as notes on pain, growth, corrections, complaints, and any funny braces stories in between. I will be updating monthly. So look forward to the brace face chronicles coming soon.

Brace Face Chronicles Part One:
Complaints: I am getting braces because of the following reasons...
( This may be a little too much dental terminology, but here goes)

1. I have an end to end bite. Which means my top teeth sit right on top of my bottom teeth. The perfect bite has a slight overbite.

2. My midline is off. Which means the center of my upper jaw and the center of my lower jaw do match symmetrically to my face.

3. My second molars are drifting distally. Which means my back molars are starting to turn out.

4. I have a crossbite. Which means my teeth don't fit together in the grooves of the other teeth as they should.

Wish me luck.


Chris and Julie said...

I need braces too! Maybe I should come get a consultation! Good luck.

Katie said...

Wow this is exciting news :). I think you have a beautiful smile already, but it sounds like some other complicated stuff is going on that braces will help. See you on Wednesday!