Sunday, March 2, 2008

Cougarettes In Concert

Jamie and I had such a fun time this weekend. We went to see the BYU Cougarettes in concert. It was fun. Although they weren't as clean as they normally are, they still did a great job. I love watching dance performances and better yet, I love watching amazing dance performances. It was a great concert!


Jen said...

What night did you go to the show? I was there Friday night with my mom, husband, sis-in-law, and Julianne and guess who we ran into...Jen Hancock! She has moved back to Utah and lives in Cedar Hills. She looks exactly the same and gave me a big hug, it was so funny to see her! I always love going to the Cougarettes Concert, although it does make me a little nostalgic. Two of the girls that are seniors were freshmen when I was a's the last year I will have danced with any of the girls on the team. From now on I'll really be a has-been! Say hi to Brynn for me!

Chris and Julie said...

Cove, I had so much fun with you last night. You are too funny!!! I can't wait for next girls night, when Jamie will come.